"We have forgotten who we are.  We have forgotten why we're here. We have forgotten how to live a life of balance and harmony."          - Maya Elder


Pathways to the Divine introduces 21st Century seekers to the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Maya and North American indigenous cultures for self-discovery, awakening, and transforming our lives.  In the presence of the Sacred Earth Mother and Divine Feminine, we are able to heal ourselves, discover our soul's true purpose and find our way Home. 


We are all spiritual beings and aspects of the Divine Source.       
Pathways to the Divine allows us to personally confirm this reality and experience the resulting awakening.

Each of us came into this life with a specific intent - our soul's purpose.
If we haven't already realized why we are here, with guidance we can discover and live this very personal journey.

We need to live in balance and harmony in both the material as well as the spiritual worlds.
KNOWING that everything is alive and filled with Spirit/the Divine allows us to experience wholeness and unity.

A special thank you goes to:  Carlos Adampol for the use of the image "Temple of Inscriptions at the ancient Maya ceremonial center of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico," and Robin at Uncovered History for the use of the image "Palenque: Templo XIX" which is used as the header image on our events page. Please explore her website at UncoveredHistory.com.