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Kripalu Yoga Center: A Shaman's Pathway to the Divine


Join Otto John Kralovec at the renowned Kripalu Yoga Center in Stockbridge, MA, for a special three day event. 

Remember who you are, why you are here, and how to live a life of balance and harmony as you immerse yourself in the deeply spiritual world of the North American and Maya Indians. Otto John Kralovec III and Molly Larkin have more than 60 combined years of experience studying with North American and Maya Indian shamans and spiritual leaders.

Enrich your life with ancient wisdom as you explore:
- The purpose and practice of ceremonies
- How language has shaped our spiritual worldview
- The role of purification and renewal in native practices
- The importance of the Divine Feminine and how to connect with
Sacred Earth Mother
- Indigenous approaches to working with unseen spiritual realms
to aid in manifestation.

Using ceremony and guided meditation, John and Molly use their warm, engaging teaching style to share indigenous spiritual tools for self-healing, helping you to manifest your life’s purpose, and directly experience Sacred Earth Mother (the Divine Feminine).
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8:00 PM20:00

Maya Meditation for Manifestation


Please join me for a FREE guided meditation to bring in the power of the Divine Feminine, the New Moon, and Venus to energize manifestation for the upcoming month. 

You can join this FREE meditation by calling 319-527-3182 at 8pm EST this coming Tuesday, May 15.

Although many spiritual practices celebrate the full moon, Native people also focus on the new moon because it is the beginning of a new cycle and an important time to "plant the seeds" for manifestation.

Like other indigenous cultures, the ancient Maya placed a high degree of importance on lunar cycles. However, for them, Venus was the most important planet of all. Together the New Moon and Venus provide the energy to empower new creation and nurture new beginnings.

This meditation will be a chance for us to align ourselves with these larger cosmic energies and also receive guidance and inspiration for events transpiring in the future.

Tuesday, May 15, 8pm EST: Maya New Moon/Venus Meditation with John Kralovec FREE. Call 319-527-3182 to join the teleconference. [No RSVP necessary]. See the Facebook event here.

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Spiritual Tools from the Ancient Maya

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During this workshop, best-selling authors John Kralovec and Molly Larkin introduce the profound spiritual wisdom of the North American and Maya Indians and share powerful tools and techniques for:

·       Self-healing
·       Manifesting your life’s purpose
·       Thriving, not just surviving, in every aspect of life

Through ceremony and guided meditation, John and Molly will also enable participants to personally experience the higher spiritual dimensions and connect with the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Earth Mother.

John is the author of Pathways to the Divine; One Man's Journey Through the Shamanic Realm of the Ancient Maya. John blogs about the ancient spiritual wisdom of the Maya Indians to help us remember who we are, why we are here, and how to live a life of balance and harmony at

Molly is the co-author of the international best-seller The Wind Is My Mother; the Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman. She blogs about Ancient Wisdom for Balanced Living at

Both have spent decades training and leading ceremonies with Native American and Maya elders and have been initiated and endorsed to share these teachings


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12:30 PM12:30

Radio Show with Dr. Joel Ying: Shamanic Wisdom of the Ancient Maya


John and Dr. Ying will discuss the fascinating ancient culture and spiritual rituals of the ancient Maya in the modern and universal context of our quest for fulfillment, clarity of purpose, and present-mindedness.

Expand Your Perspective! Join the Dialog!  

Listen Live By Dialing in on Feb. 9 at 12:30 EST:

(641) 715-3580

Once connected, use Access Code 481288


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