PATHWAYS TO THE DIVINE: One Man's Journey Through the Shamanic Realm of the Ancient Maya recounts John’s thirty-year spiritual quest to find a deeper and more authentic experience of God/Spirit than he had encountered in his traditional Christian upbringing. In 1985, he traveled for the first time to the ceremonial sites of the ancient Maya Indians where a series of profound mystical experiences changed his life forever. You can purchase the title now through Amazon Books.

Each chapter of PATHWAYS TO THE DIVINE describes the initiations or revelations he experienced along his path, including revelatory encounters at sacred Maya ceremonial centers in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras with Ix-Mucane (Sacred Earth Mother), Ix-Chel (Moon Goddess), Wakah-Kan, (Sacred Tree of Life), Itzam-Ye (Celestial Bird) and the place of Primal Creation where the process of manifestation truly begins.

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The book presents an inspirational path for readers to open up to the Divine in their own lives, to reconnect, and to directly experience the Divine presence that is available to all of us.
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