Testimonials - Workshops and Consultations

A powerful and profound experience...I feel renewed and returned to wholeness.
— Cheryl M., Ohio
It was a wonderful workshop! Very informative, clarifying and helpful. Becoming one with Ix Chel through the guided meditation was transforming for me. I’ve called on Ix Chel quite often since the workshop and I always feel her presence. I look forward to her continued guidance.
— Debbie C.
The guided meditation with the World Tree allowed me to find my inner self and inner strength. When you allow your heart to open you immediately see that this workshop has a lot to offer a beginner as well as someone more experienced.
— Donna K.
Very overwhelming experience - worth it and more. Great instructors.
— Susan C., Granville, OH
I came away with a heightened sense of the connection we all have to Source, to energy and to each other.
— Carolyn R.
I have attended other similar workshops but this one is special. I’m looking forward to another!!!
— Cheryl C.
I absolutely loved everything! It was so intense and deep. It was my first such experience, I never thought that I would feel the way I did. I will do this again, of that I am certain ☺
— Annie F.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. This Workshop showed the way.
— Pat W.
This has reconnected me to what’s important.
— Jan Y., Troy, Ohio
While John guided us into a meditative space, I experienced a soothing, enlightening, wondrous connection with the nourishing energies of the Moon Goddess and the Divine Inner Presence. I’m completely grateful for this wonderful opportunity
— Jackie M.
Thank you for the powerful and empowering ceremony offered with such grace. It was very beneficial
— Colleen K.
The Workshop was a lively, interesting and empowering experience.
— Susan R.