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June 2019 Maya Meditation for Manifestation


Please join me for a FREE guided meditation to bring in the power of the Divine Feminine, the New Moon, and Venus to energize manifestation for the upcoming month. 

You can join this FREE meditation by calling 319-527-3182 at 8pm EST on Monday, June 3, 2019.

Although many spiritual practices celebrate the full moon, Native people also focus on the new moon because it is the beginning of a new cycle and an important time to "plant the seeds" for manifestation.

Like other indigenous cultures, the ancient Maya placed a high degree of importance on lunar cycles. However, for them, Venus was the most important planet of all. Together the New Moon and Venus provide the energy to empower new creation and nurture new beginnings.

This meditation will be a chance for us to align ourselves with these larger cosmic energies and also receive guidance and inspiration for events transpiring in the future.

Monday, June 3, 8pm EST: Maya New Moon/Venus Meditation with John Kralovec FREE. Call 319-527-3182 to join the teleconference. [No RSVP necessary]. See the Facebook event here.