Update on Pathways to the Divine

Dear Friends,

I hope the New Year is off to a good start and all is well with everyone.

Over the last several months, I’ve postponed blogging to focus my attention on the final editing and pre-publication process for my new book, “Pathways to the Divine: One Man’s Journey Through the Shamanic Realm of the Ancient Maya.” I’m pleased to let you know these activities are almost complete. My book will be available on Amazon at the end of March!

I’m excited to be picking-up where I left off and will soon post a new blog, “In the Womb of the Sacred Earth Mother – Part II.” Although the timing is purely coincidental, it does seem appropriate that my book will be birthed shortly after I share my thoughts about the Sacred Earth Mother and Her spiritual womb with you.

I’m looking forward to continuing our journey together.

My best wishes to all,