In the Womb of the Sacred Earth Mother -- Part 2

We come into this world through the womb of the sacred Earth Mother

She is our connection to LIFE and to SOURCE

We can turn to Her anytime for healing, strength, and transformation

In my last blog, I shared my earliest encounters with the sacred Earth Mother through the North American Indian sweat lodge ceremony. In the darkness of the consecrated space of the lodge, one is transported into spiritual space and, once there, experiences the sensation of being in Her nurturing, safe, and restorative presence.   

These ceremonies are always powerful healing experiences for me, as well as others. Sacred songs, prayers, and the physical cleansing from heat and steam inside the lodge are all deeply cathartic and therapeutic. But it is the tangible connection with the Earth Mother that is always the most memorable and moving aspect of this sacred rite.

Several years after my initial sweat lodge experiences, I traveled to Mexico to visit ancient ceremonial centers of the Maya Indians. I was excited about seeing their spectacular pyramids, but I had not had any previous contact with Maya shamans or elders and had no idea what surprises and adventures might await me.

One of my first stops was a cave, Balankanche, near the site of Chichen Itza on the Yucatan peninsula. I have been fascinated by caves since I was a young boy and have vivid memories of many spectacular caves my family visited during vacations. I was eager to explore my first one in Mexico.

The entrance to Balankanche is at ground level with a long, gently downward sloping serpentine passageway leading to the deep recesses of the cave. A quarter-mile from the mouth of the cave, the passageway opens to a magnificent dome-shaped limestone grotto.

I followed the limestone passageway until I arrived at the grotto, entered, and decided to spend a few minutes sitting with my back against the grotto wall. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to experience the energy surrounding me.

My thoughts turned to North American Indian sweat lodge ceremonies, and I recalled the experience of moving into liminal space where I had encountered the Earth Mother.

Suddenly, a similar phenomenon began to unfold for me at Balankanche. The hard limestone walls of the large dome-shaped grotto seemed to soften and become infused with a vibrant, organic aliveness. Sacred energy radiated throughout the cavern. My physical body began to pulse and blend with an incandescent presence surrounding me.

With an astonishing intensity, the grotto miraculously transformed into the womb of the sacred Earth Mother.

In Her womb, I felt open, receptive, and connected to a source of self-realization and inner-strength I had never experienced before. My fears and doubts, worries and anxieties, limitations and short-comings faded. I felt nurtured, guided, and surrounded by love. Somehow, simply being in the presence of the sacred Earth Mother at Balankanche moved me closer to the Divine and allowed my highest self to emerge.

Unexpectedly, I had the stunning realization that we emerge from the Divine as a spiritual essence, a soul destined to enter the womb of the Earth Mother, the Divine Feminine. Through Her, we come into the physical world from Source and through Her we return to Source.  

From my later studies with Maya shamans and spiritual teachers, I learned true change and inner transformation always occur in the presence of the Mother. With Her, and through Her, we are able to heal ourselves and experience the happiness, health and well-being we are truly meant to have. The Mother can lead us to experience the absolute best of ourselves and begin to shed the limitations that prevent us from achieving our highest potential. 

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that generally does not recognize the presence of the sacred Earth Mother or the reality of the feminine aspect of the Divine. 

Because we’ve lost our connection to our Mother, we’ve also lost our connection to Source. As a result, we are often unsure of who truly we are or why we’re here. We often feel alone or abandoned. We struggle to find happiness and peace of mind. And, all too often, many never develop their sense of humanity—the ability to be loving, empathetic, accepting, and compassionate.

Over the years I’ve learned the sacred Earth Mother is still with us, and available to us, if we open to Her presence. We can reestablish a relationship with Her that will be a source of comfort, healing, and well-being. The path is open to us. She is waiting for us with open arms. 

Adapted from John’s new book 

PATHWAYS TO THE DIVINE: One Man’s journey Through the Shamanic Realm of the Maya